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How to solve laravel 500 internal server error deployed via shared hosting

Judith ☁ Oiku
Full stack web developer - vueJs & Laravel
Updated on ・1 min read

500 internal server error can be frustrating after deploying an application, this was the case when I deployed a laravel application via shared hosting.

After deploying the project, I was getting a 500 internal server error , after much checks here and there, I was able to resolve it

What I did was to change the PHP version in my c-panel to a higher version, after doing that, my project become live...

I hope you find this resourceful

php version

change version

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Discussion (2)

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Nurudeen Qoyyum Timi • Edited

This really saved me from stress. Thanks

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Judith ☁ Oiku Author

Am glad you found it resourceful...

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