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Amazon Code Quest: Series walkthrough

Code Quest: Aws training 'metaverse'


AWS Code Quest

Cloud Practitioner is an all-new 3D role-playing game, designed by AWS Training and Certification, to help adult learners gain practical AWS experience.
You will be Cloud practitioner who helps citizens of the city by solving their problems through building cloud solutions.

Code Quest strategy

You are the master of your own pace and, and your technical training will be reinforced using various hands on labs, DIY challenges, rewards, puzzles and simulations.

The game helps you to think in cloud computing terms through following 4 basic steps:


  1. Learn

Each challenge covers a specific knowledge domain in Aws. The game has resources and videos covering that section. You will learn more about the necessary procedures required to solve the challenge

  1. Plan

Each challenge also requires a plan or architecture. In some solutions, the plan is already completed for you and requires optimization or restructuring.

  1. Practice

A sandbox Aws console is provided to practice and implement the solution. This is awesome as it totally eliminates the possibility of accidentally incurring costs when using your own account. Sometimes we forget to turn off the EC2 instance!!
Also a step by step instructions are available with concept explanations.

  1. DIY

This part requires us to implement what we have practiced without the guiding hand ✋ and steps. This stage has a validation submission to verify the results.

The game will enable individuals to step into the shoes of cloud professionals and cater highly available, scalable, cost effective, efficient cloud solutions; it is perfect learning tool for someone who has no experience with cloud computing.
Keep updated as I explore the game.

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