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Osman Forhad
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Laravel Internal Server Error 500 (solution)

Basically, internal server error 500 is Laravel errors it’s not related to javascript or any other, to check this error go to chrome inspect->network and see the response.
it would be looks like the below screenshot.
Alt Text
This type of issue must be in controller related issue to solve this you have to check your controller function is written well,
and then you should check your router file whether (web.php or api.php) where you mention your controller file is properly.
If you are confused about why it’s happened and it too much worries you.
Here is another easy method to find out what is happening wrong. And this is your Laravel log file. Please check your Laravel log file. Hope you will find out your issue and solve it properly.
Happy Coding.
osman forhad
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Mar Adrian Belen • Edited

for my experience, I used the wrong data type. it should be string and not array. :D. The error happens when model instance: >save(); is called