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Requests from your DevTools Network tab to Postman

From your Network tab in the Chrome DevTools, select the XHR call and option click -> Copy -> Copy as cURL.
Network Tab

Now in Post man go to Import -> Paste Raw Text -> Paste

This will copy the exact request, including User Agent, headers, cookies, method payload, etc.. and modify to your needs.
Hope this allow you to debug/develop happier!

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madhawa priyashantha

In a new version of chrome make sure you copy request as "copy as cURL(bash)" not cmd

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Pierre Bouillon

Useful, thanks!

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Majid Zarrin

I've Just signed up, to say Thank you!

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Joseph Botros

Thank you :)

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Saber tabatabaee yazdi

this is very usefull. i wished that if internet had feature to subscribe usefull post in all over the internet is there any way to subscribe all those new tricks in all of the blogs?

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Vyguzov Aleksandr

Yes! Really useful