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Reflections Of A CodeCollab Fellow

It’s Demo Day!🎉

Generally, I’m grateful to be a fellow in CodeCollab Cycle 2.
We had two weeks of Testing the App before Demo week and it was such a learning experience for me. It gave me a deeper understanding of its importance and how it can make you a better dev.

In Our case, we did the testing after building the app so we had to test the methods we already had in place. Writing Tests helped us to see the faults in the App and minimize the breaking changes in the app(as that’s what they are for, isn’t it?😁). One of the major things, writing tests helped me understand is that the final goal isn’t to make the test pass but to make sure the test is testing what you’re meant to test.

I also appreciate how writing tests is very encapsulated, in the sense that writing tests for one controller(e.g shifts), doesn’t affect another controller(e.g workers). Testing is definitely something I look forward to doing more.
I also learned how it’s beneficial to communicate Coding Fatigue effectively when you are experiencing it. Coding Fatigue allows you to miss out on your little mistakes and hence, makes you stuck. It’s real and a normal thing that happens to devs but it becomes a problem when it’s not properly communicated with your team members.

It’s okay to be tired. It doesn’t mean you’ve lost your competence. ~Arit

Overall, I’m glad at how much my teammates and I have grown in our professional team communication, collaboration, and technical skills in the past 12 weeks. This Cycle is gonna be a wrap at Demo Day and it’s one that gives me mixed feelings. 😅
Thank you for the honor of reading and staying through on the CodeCollab Cycle 2 journey with this blog!❤️

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