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Name a more iconic duo...I'll wait.

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In this post, we will look into setting our app's icon and awesome resources we can get free to use icons from.

One of the things that I struggled with whilst learning Android development was setting the app icon. I would usually just copy and paste the image resource into the project's drawable folder and then rename it to the current ic_logo (very bad I know, but it was a hack).
Doing it that way would work for some images, but it would look absolutely horrible for others. So I did some research because I really wanted to make my app look appealing. I then read up on using Android Studio Image Asset helper tool to help me achieve what I was initially trying to do. While I wait, let's dig a little deeper into icons and the helper tool.

What's In An Icon?

Think of an icon as a brand image for your application. An app icon is a visual representation of your application. It appears on the user's home screen of their mobile device and in the app store.

A Few Elements Of A Successful App Icon

Your app icon needs to be one of it's kind. It has to have an element that makes it stand out from the rest.

Your app's icon needs to be easy to learn and to understand. The icon should be clean and simple.

Users need to be able recognise or identify your icon from previous encounters or from knowledge of the icon.

Communicate Meaning
A user should have an idea about the features of the app by taking a look at the icon.

People should ideally remember your app icon. Making your icon unique and user-friendly aids in making it memorable.

Icon vs Logo

Icons should ideally represent an action a user can perform on the application. As mentioned before, it should communicate meaning. A logo on the other hand, can be considered as imagery that represents a company or an organisation.

Setting Your App's Icon Using Android Studio Image Asset

A really cool tutorial has been posted, as shown below, on setting up your app's icon that also shows you how to create adaptive icons.

Handy Links

Awesome Sites To Get Free Icons

The Noun Project
Android Asset Studio
Always remember to attribute the creators of icons that you make use of.

More Resources

Android Material Design Iconography
Icon Design Guidelines

The Android Studio Image Asset coupled with an icon that truly represents your app, makes it easier to keep the imagery of your application consistent throughout all devices and Android software versions.

Thank you to Harpal Singh for the header image, found on Unsplash.

Happy Reading.

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