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20 Best Libraries for Flutter Developers

How often do you use libraries in your work? I guess you do it all the time. Because good developers always want to be better. That is why they are always ready to get something new, and importantly, they always know where to find it. The CODE MARKET team has developed the top 20 best libraries for rookie Flutter developers.


expandable best flutter libraries

Number one on our list. This template is going to help you build a drop-down list to make your app more user-friendly. An irreplaceable thing. Use this library to build a great product and cut development time.


masked_controller best library

What is the first action the user sees when he runs the application? Registration! Registration must be easy and handy to keep users from running away. That is why you need to add controller to insert mask to textfield. This is a proven code used in nearly every application which has a registration via phone.


 flutter_money_formatter best library

An indispensable extension for any e-commerce application. If you need to get price labels in your app, then here's everything you need. This extension allows you to format any currency based on your characteristics, without reference to localization.


 fl_chart best library

This is the best library for drawing charts. However, they are essential in various applications, ranging from financial apps to simple calorie counters.


shimmer best library

Easy to use and pleasant to the eye loading waiting screen. Users will definitely appreciate the efforts. And it won't be worth anything to you if you use the libraries properly.


icone best library library

A bit different but no less valuable library. There are icons for any query. Perfect for getting started. Such libraries are good to know in order to save your time for working on something bigger.


backdrop best library

For any novice developer, it is important to find their libraries to do their tasks better. Such tiny peculiarities, like this, in application development are extremely valuable, because they let you work with little effort so that it looks good and professional.


Neat Periodic Task Scheduling best library

This extension will help with the regular launch of tasks in the background. It seems to be a simple case, but you can't do without a library here. This extension is not an official Google support, but allows you to run maintenance operations in a periodic background task.


It is also a very significant function to open links from your application in a browser.


intro_slider best library

Slider is a user-friendly extension for your application. Using this library you won't have to spend your time on it anymore. A couple of clicks and you're done.


bottom_navy_bar best library

The usability of an app, as well as a site, lies in its navigation. If it's intuitive, and doesn't create extra questions for users, then this is success. That's why the bottom navigation panel is a hit, it's simple, clearest and close to every user. And the navigation bar from this library is also very easy to use.


local_auth best library

An excellent feature for the app is log-in by biometric data. This library will diversify your application and make it up-to-date. This extension is suitable for both Android and iOS systems.


percent_indicator best library library

Indicators, loading bars, all this is common, so there are a million different libraries on this topic. It's practical to use a library with proven code. It is very easy to use, so even if you are a beginner, you can easily handle the task.


cached_network_image best library

Page loading rate is very important, using cached images you will be able to keep more users. That is why every developer needs to know about this library.


flutter_inappwebview best library

Webview inside your application. To open pages in the browser light and breezy. Another essential item for every developer from beginner to professional.



This is the best, tested and handy HTTP client for Dart. It 's actually very useful for making queries in a simplified way. This client supports Interceptors, Global configuration, FormData, Request Cancellation, File downloading, Timeout etc. I suggest you keep it in your tabs, because it will definitely be handy for you, and it will definitely make your life easier.



When you need to locate a file on the Android or iOS file system - just use this plugin. This is exactly what you need.


animations best library

The power of animation cannot be underestimated. Still images are simple, but also dull. To make your application more appealing to users, you have to use this power. This package contains a basic animation that makes even the most simple application entertaining. If you use animation correctly, then your application will look more professional. As if you spent a lot of time and effort on it. But in fact, you used libraries wisely in your work.


 flutter_local_notifications best library

Check your notifications, it looks like you are being reminded to use libraries in your work more frequently! This cross-platform plugin for displaying local notifications on user devices. Notifications are frequently disabled in applications, but they are still extremely important for development.


flutter_slidable best library

Another awesome plugin that will make life easier is sliding animation. Rather than suffer yourself, you can use this package. The package includes several types of animation: Behind Motion, Drawer Motion, Scroll Motion and Stretch Motion (example above).

That's it, tell me what we forgot? What libraries do you use? Share it in the comments.

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