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Outreachy Contributions

Hello Hello fellows.
How are you doing?

Today I would like to share more about my progress at my Outreachy contributions. If you don't know that I am talking about, read this post about Outreachy.

So, once the contributions period start, you have several projects to choose from, and the recommendation is choose one or two projects to focus on.
The projects I choose where projects that I have the basic skills for but that at the same time I felt would give me some challenge.

For project number 1 (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, UX), I had to add a badge on the page every time that a certain thing happened. While it sounds super simple, it was actually quite challenging. My react level is very low and working with a code you don't know, specially such a big code with soo many files, dude, I spend the first week just trying to understand what was going on, them another week actually coding and fixing my code and tidying up. There was a point where I got soo frustrated that I had to cry, but after a little over 2 weeks, I was done and that application was in.

For my project number 2 I needed the same set of skills minus react to apply, but this contributions was a bit different. I just had to answer some questions about a webpage. While it sounds easier, it was also challenging. I enjoyed doing that a lot tho and it is my favorite project of the 2.

Both happen to be Mozilla projects, so hopefully in December I will be a Mozilla intern *- *

For future Outreachy applicants
Before doing getting my contribution started, every source I read about the contribution period would tell me to plan to contributed more than once to the same project, but sometimes it is not possible, so focus on having one good and strong contribution then say, 5 little ones.
Both projects I choose only asked for one contributions and that was their maximum, they didn't want you to do anything else.

So while it will be helpful to have goals don't set anything in stone until you get started.
Also, the projects I ended up contributing weren't the ones I was interested before. Once I had access to the full details I changed my mind and choose projects that felt like I would be a better fit for and that I would enjoy working with.

It is frustrating, but you will learn in the process...
Also, ASK QUESTIONS! I had soo many questions and I didn't see anyone else asking questions to I felt embarrassed at the beginning, like was I the only one that needed help? But you know what? My mentors sure know by now how it will feel like to work with me.

The results come out on November 26th, so I will be anxious until them, wish me luck!!!

thanks for reading friend,
have a great week


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Deni Toshevski

Thanks for the post,it's very informative. I am starting with the contributions right now as part of the new round from March.
Did you get the internship?

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Pachi 🥑

No, I did not. But it was a very interesting experience