Building Forms with Vue.js

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Packt Book: 108 pages

Author: Marina Mosti


Learn how to build dynamic schema-driven forms with Vue from scratch


• Learn all about the basics of creating reusable form components with the Vue framework
• Understand v-model and how it plays a role in form creation
• Create forms that are completely powered and generated by a schema, either locally or from an API endpoint
• Understand how Vuelidate allows for easy declarative validation of all your form’s inputs with Vue’s reactivity system
• Connect your application with a Vuex-powered global state management
• Use the v-mask library to enhance your inputs and improve user experience (UX)

You’ll get off to a steady start by setting up the demo project. Next, you’ll get to grips with component composition from creating reusable form components through to implementing the custom input components. To further help you develop a convenient user input experience, the book will show you how to enhance custom inputs with v-mask. As you progress, you’ll get up to speed with using Vuelidate and Vuex to effectively integrate your forms. You’ll learn how to create forms that use global state, reactive instant user input validation and input masking, along with ensuring that they are completely schema-driven and connected to your application’s API. Every chapter builds on the concepts learned in the previous chapter, while also allowing you to skip ahead to the topics you’re most interested in.

By the end of this book, you will have gained the skills you need to transform even the simplest form into a crafted user and developer experience with Vue.

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