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Google like a pro: 7 Google operators to get the most off your search [1/3]


As developers, is completely impossible to remember absolutely everything because we're learning new things every day, therefore, we need to be good a googling in order to learn new things or to find a solution to some problem.

In this 3 part posts I'll be teaching you some basic to advanced Google operators so you can get the most off your Google Search. In each operator I will be comparing a search with and without the operator and I'll provide links for each search, so you can check out the difference. Ok, Let's dive in!

What are Google operators?

Google operators are special characters or words to filter your search results

1. " "

Looks for the exact phrase that's between quotation marks.

*Important: is not necessary to use them in your whole search

Not using quotation marks
Notice how Google is searching for each word individually

vue free course


Using quotation marks
Google is searching for the exact phrase "Vue free course"

"vue free course"


2. or |

Both 'or' and '|' do the same. A | B will show you results from A or B

Without |

The results are websites who contain both words

react vue


Using |

The results are websites who contain the word react or the word vue

react | vue


3. and

Shows the results that contain both A and B. This is mostly used with other operators since the default search already uses it.

Not using and

python javascript


Using and

python and javascript


4. site:

Shows the results from only the given site

Without site:



Using site:



5. cache:

Gives the most recent staged (cache) results from a website

Not using cache:

flexbox csstricks


Using cache:



6. -

Excludes a word from the results

Not using -

web developer remote jobs


Using -

web developer remote jobs -javascript


7. *

It works like a wild-card. Google will replace any word for it

Not using *

javascript bootcamp


Using *

javascript * bootcamp

Which operator seems more useful to you?

I hope this was useful to you and I will be covering more operators in next posts, so stay tuned.

I'm posting daily JavaScript and Web Dev content on twitter @BernardoT0rres, so consider giving a follow for more content.

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