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Modify MS Project files in TypeScript or JavaScript using Aspose.Tasks Cloud API.

Aspose.Tasks Cloud is a REST API for manipulating and converting Microsoft Project (MPP, XML, etc.) and Oracle Primavera (XER) documents. It allows you to work with all aspects of a project as well as offers a wide range of export options allowing developers to convert supported project formats to a number of industry-standard formats (PDF/Excel/Images).
Our Cloud SDKs are wrappers around REST API in various programming languages (PHP, Python, Node.js), allowing you to work with MS Project/Oracle Primavera documents in the language of your choice quickly and easily, gaining all benefits of strong types and IDE highlights.
Before we get started, I want to say a few words about legal use Aspose.Tasks Cloud API. For receiving successful responses from the server, you need to sign up for free on so you can get your own App SID and App Key.
These credentials will be used in a further example. We also will use 'fs' module for read\write files, but you can use whatever is more convenient for you. After you get SID and Key for your app, we will need to install SDK package, just like that:

npm i @asposecloud/aspose-tasks-cloud

When it's done, let's create an instance of Tasks.Api:

Good! Now we can do whatever we want with our project. Let's add a new task:

Simple isn't it?. Now let's look at the result:

Well, that's it. We just tested adding tasks to the project file. But what if you want to add, modify, delete or take calendar from your project? Or do some stuff with your assignments? Or deal with some another part of the project? SDK source code contains a large number of use cases which you can see here.
I hope you enjoy using this tool to manipulate your MS project files.

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