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Second week of OSD700

Focused Area

Here are the main areas I want to focus on for telescope 3.0, anything related to microservices/cloud/docker, since I'm taking cloud and DevOps courses this semester it will be cool to use that knowledge and make a contribution to it. Also, it might be the only way to work on microservices since I run of ideas for side projects.
This semester the community seems to lead more into the backend which is a good thing.
I also want to work a bit on the front-end, I want to expand my skill in React. Every time I create a Nextjs project, I feel like I'm lacking some knowledge, and I'm nothing compared to an actual front-end developer.
And lastly, if React Native on telescope gets started, I would like to contribute a bit of it. Since I'm making a React Native app in another class. I think it would be helpful to use that skill and contribute to it.

List of mates Telescope-3.0-Priorities

What happened

For release 2.5, I reviewed 2 PR, created 1 PR.

  • Pull Request - 2670, which was about adding autodeployment health check into the dashboard status.
  • Pull Request - 2668, was about fixing the title container overflow. Before the fix, the title container has a small gap of space on the top on mobile devices. Created:
  • Pull Request - 2652, This issue was about GitHub details overflowing into the next post. At first, it was ritikbheda that was working on that fix previously but since he went inactive, I took over this fix. First I needed to get his work and put it into my fork repo. I had to fetch his branch then create a branch based on his branch.
git remote add ritikbheda
git fetch ritikbheda/issue-2568
git checkout -b issues/issue-2568 ritikbheda/issue-2568
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After that I have to spin up my front-end part only, I used the env.staging config since I didn't need the backend.
At first, I tried to set the root that wrapped the blog to be display:table, it did fix some posts but the one with code tag was vertically overflowing. At that moment I remembered a YouTube video I watched a few weeks ago that used display: flow-root to make contain stay into the container and not overflow.
Youtube Kevin Powell - Definitively recommended for CSS tips
YouTube watched:

Contribution plan for release 2.6

For release 2.6 I have been working on some issues already especially in satellite repo.

  • Issue - 2678, fix some deprecated dependencies + Unsupported engine in Satellite
  • Issue - 2694, migrate npm engine to pnpm in Satellite
  • Issue - 2499, update pino logger, and deprecated code in Satellite
  • Issue - 2497, update pino logger, and deprecated code in telescope
  • Issue - 2306, gist code not displayed on blog post

This would be my work for release 2.6, but I will probably get more issues later on in the week.


Overall this week was pretty fun and interesting. Attending the meeting where the sheriff is doing the triage felt like actually being in a startup company where the product owner is doing a triage of issue/pull request of the week.

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Your solution for flow root was cool! I actually watched that same video you posted. Good work!!