Tiktok is getting banned in the US. Will this affect US jobs?

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Huh? Tik Tok is entertainment for kiddies or am I seeing that wrong? :-)

Not saying that it's useless, many youths love it and do fun stuff with it (maybe it even has a positive impact on their mental health or wellbeing, especially in these stressful COVID times, so that would strongly speak against prohibiting it), but impact on business would be close to zero I'd think.


TikTok employs lots of americans.


Wow, I wasn't aware of that, I thought it was wholly Chinese really ... moderators?

10K jobs that's nothing to scoff at ... man, I had no idea that some company publishing a silly video app would employ that many people!

"sales, content moderation, engineering and customer support"

Right, I think content moderation is a big thing for Tik Tok.

10k jobs are the jobs tiktok wants to ADD, meaning the total number of jobs created by tiktok is even bigger than 10k

Incredible ... yes we're talking serious business then.


I find it funny that China can ban google and facebook and apparently any other foreign tech firms yet they object to the us ban of their firms.


Americans have alot to hide compared the Chinese. I don't think you would see the Chinese reacting to Tik Tok as the Americans have.. Also FB is a sess pool and the butthole of the internet, Chinese people are not bothered with pointless stuff they cannot control. Facebook will allow political lies to be advertised.. Uhm to me I think the Chinese know what is true or not, unlike these tech firms from America..

Chinese is going to beat America.. I like yanks, but the Chinese are better and more smart.. I know as I deal With Chinese suppliers, directly and personally. The general population is just smarter than the general population of America.. I don't think the Chinese government (I am totally against the form of government) want their people to be fed, well.. Garbage. Internet must be regulated in my opinion.. There is too much room for criminals (or criminal operations to conduct their activities via an unregulated internet) social media is going to destroy the very fabric of American democracy.. I don't think the Chinese want the same to happen to their people. The discontent it causes is not worth the political sacrifice. I personally think America is more concerned about China, than Chinese tech firms are to them.. From personal experience, Chinese are extremely effiecient at business.. Extremely.

Yankees have too much HR problems. Don't wanna deal with Americans either.. You guys think your the bee all and end all of everything. I haven't got time for such arrogance. Chinese are just better at doing business (from my perception anyway). Anyway let's not get all political, I am talking strictly from an effiecient business yearning, the R&D departments I deal with, are at my beck and call 24/7, regardless of what country I am in. Americans are not the same.. Too much bueracacy in your business world, and everthing is too expensive for it to be worth dealing with, I hate to say it (as I love the US), I rather deal with the Chinese in my own industry (Africa), than Americans.. It's as simple as that. I mean Tesla is trying to tap into my game in South Africa. I'll beat them, and continue to beat them with quality, and the quality to cost ratio I offer. Old Elon has been away from Africa for too long to truly grasp what is happening here! I'll beat him in Africa, but not in America. The majority of the third world does not want to deal with Americans, purely because of the bueracacy in your business world.

It really as simple as that. We have nothing to gain from America.. Guys should think about that, cause Tik Tik is destroying your society. Actually it's very funny how Americans can't survive for what you take for granted. China will beat you if you continue to have such an attitude. Americans don't know what it is like to truly suffer. Have it easy. I for one, would hate to see South Africans land up kn a society like America. My opinion anyway. I am talking strictly from a business owner in South Africa. Allow people to be good, because generally people are just people, and people are more probably to be good than bad. Bueracacy changes that so significantly.. It's a downside to democracy, I must admit (I hate to btw).

Salute and happy Hacking!


Hey, coming from Vietnam, the country with almost same level of internet control. You won't believe how much the government wants to brainwash their citizens. The difference is that the country does not dare to ban the US companies the way China does. You are not allowed to discuss politics here. You are labeled as traitors if you say anything bad about the party. You have absolutely no voting power here (you can vote but your vote does not mean shit). You want to open a social media here? Good luck getting a license (yes you need a license and no you won't get it).

For sure there are f*** up things on social media, but at the same time it serves a free flow of information to certain extent. I think that is very important. I love the West in that way man. I can say to Trump hey you are a cu** to his face and that is okie. If I do that here you won't see me again. The same go for China. See what is happening in Hong Kong? Imagine they gain power over your society.

As for business, you are right man. But I think bureaucracy and transparency are good for the whole society. Here the ones with connection will get the projects and keep getting richer. And they won't get punished for failing to meet deadline or requirements. How crazy is that? How can you compete with that? Authentic businesses focus on solving real problems will never get ahead of shady ones do things under the table. Government owned companies are always given the favor by laws even with their mountain of debt. Believe me you don't want that for your country.

Anyhow, as much as I may hate certain actions of the US, I don't think China is in any way better. In fact I would argue that no country is good because that is the human's nature. This is the world of big fish eating small fish.

Hmm I suppose with transparency, automatically gives way for bureaucracy. Lol perhaps one just cannot live without the other? I haven't thought of it that way. Coming from a third country, it is difficult to even afford what American manufacturers/developers make. I talk from a business point of view, really (I don't want to concern myself too much with politics, only as much, as what would affect my business you know?) Every country will have it's down side when it's own geopolitical spheres interacts with something like Facebook, also (like you said) their is also a lot of upside. It wonderful how it allows the freedom, for information to move in. I personally think all which is required, is to tackle the social discord it causes. Internet "firms" simply needs to have a newer, and more evolved business model. There needs to be a better way to do business, and in a more humane way. Like if I ever have kids, I don't know how I feel about them using all these social media platforms. Humans are not designed to take on so many different opinions of yourself. We are a tribal people, and confine ourselves within communities. How minds cannot process that type of thing so well, especially if your a child. I mean social media to a 12 year old, is like throwing them into the real world and their minds haven't even developed properly. The anxiety and depression it must cause is dangerous to their well-being. Maybe we should start to teach our kids that computers, coding, whatever!... are tools for us to build things, and not a necessity that glue eyeballs to a screen (It is just like a drug addiction, there is no difference). Man we gonna land up looking like those ugly, small grey aliens man - telling you.

You are right regarding kids. But doesn't that mean banning tiktok make lots of sense now? In the end its target audience are of very young age.

I think it's a great app, and it gives me lekker giggles and brightens up my day, really. Although I wont post anything myself on the platform, maybe a comment. However people seem to get upset at different opinions (it's natural). That is what causes the discord, its already there without having politics in the picture, now you throw the volatility of geo-politics on a platform like that? Just looking for trouble, it won't go away though. Maybe politics should have something like DEV lol.. keep the two separate. I love social media for the lekker giggles, but then it is destroyed by a marketing of politics. Only reason why I won't use social media, the good of it is quickly destroyed by the marketing of politics. I think all the yankee government must do is put a high age restriction. Make "channels" for social media, make different platforms for kids, like how I use to watch cartoons every afternoon or on a Saturday. When the channel said "this is PG16". My mom (RIP) and my dad use to chase us out of room. Like Tik Tok -PG16, and the kids parents have to pay for it for a special subscription. The parents can monitor what kids are watching. All children who get cellphones ought to have their own RICA system, and a child must present identification (this should be so essential). Once your kids are 21, well then it the child's decision to use a more unregulated internet. I'm all for the autonomy of people on the net, just not for kids. It's your elections now yeah? I would ban it to, can't have crazy civil unrest during elections. The world cannot afford America to plunge into another civil war. I apologize if I sound like a chop, but it is something which deeply concerns me.


TikTok will have near zero impact on business.

WeChat is also getting banned though, and that will have a huge impact on business operations in the US. It's very popular for international communications, and there are whole businesses here in the US that use it for general coordination (many such businesses are international ones that simply have operations in the US, but having to redesign for their US operations because of this is a bad thing for their US employees).


CNN says that Trump is okie with the concept, and has given 1 week extra form them to finalize the deal. I guess the ban will not happen after all.