What are examples of expression statements in JavaScript?

pandaquests profile image pandaquests ・1 min read

I know what an expression is and I know what a statement is in JavaScript. But what are expression statement in JavaScript?

I know that the ternary operator (... ? ... : ...) and function calls (alert("Hello World")) are expression statements. But what else? Or are only these two considered expression statements?


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An expression in Javascript (and pretty much all languages, with variation) at the most basic level is just "anything that takes on a value".

So the number 42 or the string "Hello world" or 7 + 3 because they all "take on" a value (42, Hello world, and 10).

As you can tell from this definition, almost everything is an expression. The only other "type" of thing are statements, which there's a more limited number of (depending on language). Things like if / else in Javascript or for because these things don't take on values (you couldn't write something like let variable = if (true) { ... }).