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Pandiyan Murugan
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Angular - the learning story

Earlier at the start of my career, I've been started working in Web technologies.

When I started my career, my first one year period tasks were to work on the front end technologies.

I've have started learning jquery to work on the project. Then it extended to knockoutjs and Durandal framework.

The learning curve was very difficult at first as a newbie.

Later I got an opportunity to work on a new subproject which going to be built on top of angular.

My teammates believed that I could learn ii quickly and join the process of building new products.

I was fascinated by learning angular. And also my team got some buffer time to do that. I was never running in a hurry to capture something.

First, I learned the basic concepts and then started working on the project.

Later, I started to learn advanced concepts and performance optimization related things.

It was angular js version 1.0

Then upgraded their version, it is a complete rewrite of version 1.0

Again I started learning angular, now the version 2.0

The good thing is when I completed the basic concepts. Coincidently I got another new project contribution chance. And I started with collaborating with team members from different location of the world - US and UK

Okay, I'm from the ancient southern part of India.

For the developer, learning is a never-ending process. Happy to learn every day.

And angular 9 released recently, I'm experimenting and learning the new features.

I should definitely thank all the online courses and community which helped me in all these years.

Giving back

As a giving back to the community, I used to talk to local communities about technologies.

But people want me to provide more focused content or tutorial on angular.

So I have planned to contribute back to the community via step by step angular tutorial for beginners.

I just started with an action plan and listed the basic things to cover

I wish to complete it. Wish me good luck and support. helps me to stay motivated!

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