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Pandiyan Murugan
Pandiyan Murugan

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How did you manage time to read/write a blog?

One common question I used to receive most of the time (or all-time).
How did you manage time to write a blog? or how you are reading these many blogs (on various websites) and making comments on some other creator's post.

Even people wondering about social engagement with other bloggers 😄

How often you are receiving this question? And wish to hear Answer from your perspective.

Let's discuss 🤗

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Shannon Crabill

I bookmark way more blog posts than I read. Most of my reading is at night when I can't sleep. During the day, my reading tends to be focused on tutorials to gain knowledge or to work through a problem I am working on.

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Paramanantham Harrison

I add it to medium bookmarks and read through it at night in my own pace