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Pomodoro technique at work

What is Pomodoro Technique?

Let’s stay by not creating our own definition.

As Wikipedia says,

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break the down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. These intervals are called pomodoros,

How it works?

This technique helps us split up the work time slot into multiple intervals (or otherwise called as Pomodoro's).

The ultimate aim of the technique is to improve the productivity and also to take frequent breaks from work which will improve mental agility.

So what will be the time breaks will look like? Let’s assume we are going to work on task for two hours

I would always use to keep my work slot as 25 minutes and break time as 5 minutes.

The time 2 hours planned for doing a task will be divided into following parts

Slot 1

25 minutes work (distraction-free work)

5-minute break (work free break)

Slot 2

25 minutes work

5 minutes break

Slot 3

25 minutes work

5 minutes break

Slot 4

25 minutes work

5 minutes break

After four set, it's time to take long break :)

When I mention the distraction-free work, I really meant the same. No unusual Skype calls, Facebook check, unwanted email checks (unless it is urgent) and everything which you feel is not a part of the work. Dedicating the entire 25 minutes to work.

And the break time should be fully spent to relax, by doing something other than doing actual office works which will make ourselves to feel refresh & relax. Maybe checking mobile notifications, walking around the office, having some water or coffee will make us refreshed.

How can we measure our productivity? If we are taking 4-5 Pomodoro time slots effectively in a day, it will be 2.00-2.30 hours efficient work of the day. I will definitely raise my hand and say it’s one of my productive day in my work. After a long break, you should the same 4-5 slots. A long break needed on every 4 full slots.

So timeline of work will be

Decide a task which needs to be done
Set a timer for 25 minutes & start working
Work on the without any distraction until timer rings
After 25 minutes, set timer for 5 minutes
Relax or do something until 5 minutes timer rings
Repeat the same 4 times
Take a long break, 20 -30 minutes (we can extend if needed)
For setting these alarms, lots of tools available in online. Browse and choose which one suits you.

Enjoy being productive at the same time relaxed.


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James Schleigher

Thanks for sharing! I mainly use task management software to manage my work and collaborate with my team. I will try to use the Pomodoro technique when working. So far, I like Trello and Quire.