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Pandiyan Murugan
Pandiyan Murugan

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Which issue tracking tool you people using?

I've used few tools like Bugzilla, jira, visual studio board.

Is it being effectively used?

For me jira looks clean and straight forward.

Comment your favourite tool and why you like it?

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Mike • Edited

I've used Jira and Trello extensively in my career, but settled on ClickUp and have had a great experience.

It offers many views, customizations, inbox, time tracking that is intuitive, plenty of integrations and overall feels very fast and stable.

My affiliate link: ClickUp

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Spyros Argalias

JIRA: I use it at work. Probably my favourite for software development projects.

GitHub issues + GitHub projects: I would use this if I was hosting an open source project. This way it would be visible to everyone.

Clickup: I run my personal life on this. I also use it for personal programming projects (so I don't have to pay for JIRA). I tried out a few such as Trello, Assana, and Kanbanflow (which was quite good), but find Clickup amazing.

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I think this depends a lot of the kind of issue you would like to track.

  • Jira is a very good software issue tracker for private projects
  • But, Github issues is more used for open-source projects
  • Zendesk and Intercom are also famous SAAS used when issues also include customer requests
  • Project management issues may probably be handled in other tools

I've even built mine (, only focusing on internal IT issues (a bit like Jira service desk, which is another Atlassian product).

So, It wholly depends on the context

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Christopher Voigt

We use Jira at the office. But I use Trello for personal projects since it's free and much lighter.

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Pandiyan Murugan