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Calling All Africa Flutter Developers & Figma Designers!

In partnership with our Parabeac Africa Chapter led by Will Odia, we are throwing our first challenge where you can win up to $300 USD by building an app prototype or component package using Figma, Flutter & Parabeac! You can use parabeac_core which is our open-source tool that converts Figma files into Flutter code or Parabeac Nest which is a web app that enables you to take the design file, generate code, and merge it into a Github repo.

To participate in the challenge, create an app prototype or a component package using Parabeac and submit your video(s) here:
There are two challenges available:

Video Submission: Judged by Parabeac team members; We will select 1st ($300), 2nd, ($200) & 3rd ($100) place winners based on the video submitted and a review of the codebase. (3 min max)

TikTok Submission ($100): The video with the most views highlighting the prototype/package built with Parabeac will be the winner. (Be sure to use the #parabeac hashtag)

Be sure to watch this video to help give you ideas on submissions!

Good luck!

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