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Parabeac-Core v1.1  - Prototyping to Flutter code

siliconivan profile image Ivan Huerta ・1 min read

We just released Parabeac-Core v1.1 & we added some really cool stuff! See below:

  • Sketch prototyping
  • Parabeac Design Language (PBDL)
  • Metrics
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Sketch Prototyping

We added support for prototyping, now you can prototype & create navigation in Sketch & have it directly exported to Flutter. The gif below is an example of prototyping & navigating to the other screens made in the Sketch file!

Parabeac Design Language (PBDL)

When we launched, user's quickly told us how much they wanted Figma, but mapping in-between design schemas can be a challenge. So we created a standard, Parabeac Design Language so that any design file could be mapped to PBDL. This makes it very easy to add support for other design files. If we don't support the design program you use, let us know in the comments, make an issue on Github, or reach out to us in the Discord community!

Sketch prototyping to Flutter


We added metrics for us to understand how users are using Parabeac-Core so we know where to focus on. The data we track keeps our users anonymous & we appreciate developers who leave this option on but if you don't feel comfortable, you're welcome to turn them off.


Parabeac-Core is an open-source project that takes design files & converts them into Flutter code. You can read why we open-sourced this project & the importance of this project being driven by the designer & developer community: https://dev.to/parabeac/why-we-open-sourced-our-company-3a0i

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Parabeac helps designers handoff to Flutter developers by converting their design files to Flutter code.


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