What are the best equipment and technique to record coding videos?

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Big story short, what are the best equipment to record and live-stream coding videos?

I am looking for the cheap and best equipment, and also open source software options. It's for a local dev community - tamilcode.org

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For a decent microphone, the Bird UM1 is an impossible to miss bet.

Audacity is really awesome to handle sound recording, but no matter which software you pick, you'll have lots of fine-tuning to do to get the best audio quality.

Also, pick a silent keyboard, hearing keyboard on videos can really be bugging.


Thank you, I will checkout bird UMI and look for silent keyboard for recording.

Yeah I tried with my Mac, the keystroke sound was very annoying


I use the DELL KB216 keyboard for recording, it's basically completely silent and a decent keyboard overall.

Thanks for the suggestion, overall I learned at least what to search first for keyboard and microphone and go from there


OBS is great for recording your PC screen. Open-source and very straightforward GUI once you've had a play and got everything set up how you like. It also offers live-streaming options like YouTube and Twitch. You can have multiple video inputs as well so it's easy enough to film yourself at the same time as your code and have it over the top of the video if you so wish. :) Good luck!


Thanks for your valuable comments Katie. I will checkout OBS for coding videos, I have used it before for recording team meetings

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