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When your hard-work pays off

There will be obstacles, there will be mistakes, but with hard work there is no limit on what you can achieve. There are times when software developers' hard work pays off. You experience feeling of the happiness that words can't explain.

You have been assigned a critical production issue on Friday and you start thinking that your weekend will be at office now! You start understanding the root cause of the issue. And follow number of actions to get to the solution:

  • You read through the issue description and get more details from the user.

  • You then try and get hold of production environment (which you will not get).

  • You try to replicate the issue on other environment where you have access. You use same artifacts which are deployed on production server.

  • You try and get a copy of the production database.

  • You try and follow exactly same steps as user to reproduce the issue locally, but no luck.

  • You then try and find out whether there has been any change recently deployed to production server.

  • You drill down commit details between two versions, and figure out if there has been any change in the area where bug is reported.

  • You try and follow many other actions from your checklist and see if you can find the root cause of the issue. The actions listed here seems easy, but it can take days to accomplish them and one day you will be able to pin point the knock-on change.

  • You then roll up your sleeves and try debugging the application and see what could possibly go wrong. Ah! It was a null reference exception at line 320! You start celebrating and want to explain your findings to someone. You feel like you should be awarded Kudos for this. However, it is 11 pm and you are only one in the office!

Finally, 2 weeks of hard work, no code review comments and your solution works on UAT and Production environment. That happiness can't be explained to anyone and then you start singing 'Bug Fix Hua'.

What was your happiest moment while fixing bugs?

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