React to Angular

parisliam profile image Liam Paris ・1 min read

Does anyone have any resources/advice on moving from React to Angular? I just went from freelancing in mostly react to working for a larger studio that mostly uses Angular.


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Angular has a very good tutorial that will teach you the fundamentals. I would start with that first: angular.io/tutorial. After you get a good understanding of how it works, then I would ask for paid resources that explore Angular tutorials in depth.

Two main pieces of advice:
1) When you google/Stack Overflow anything related to an Angular, make sure you put the version number on your results. Angular and AngularJS can get easily mixed up in your results that way.

2) Be patient with how opinionated Angular is and how it wants you to lay out logic.


He's got a playlist called the basics and it's based on angular 6 which is very close to angular 7