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Coding is NOT not for girls.

She Coded, 2021 šŸ‘§

šŸ“Œ My two cents

It is a consensus that the IT industry is a male-dominated field. I know for a fact that most women are less inclined to pursue tech as a career - probably due to genetics, or because of society-imposed gender roles.

Yes, it can be intimidating to approach and be part of a "mostly-guy" team because there will always be differences in interests. However, from experience,I have women workmates and classmates who are just as good as the guys from the team.

When it comes to work, I think about it like this.

Both men and women have two hands. Both of them have brains and two eyes. Aren't those enough to code? Last time I checked, there is no gender requirement in coding and people should internalize that. Coding is not, not for girls. Coding is not, not for guys. Coding is for people who likes to code, whether that be for a living, or as a hobby šŸ’.

šŸ’» And thus, I started coding.

Honestly, at first, I am not very interested in programming. I entered computer science just because it was the most feasible choice for me that time. It is not taught in my high school so I was a little behind from my college classmates who had programming classes already. Our class composition was around 40% girls, 60% boys. I think I can say that all of them are equal in terms of programming skills. There is no such time that I have had thoughts of a classmate being good in programming because he is a boy. Our computer science lessons were tough for me, not because I am girl, but because I came from a high school with no programming background. Nevertheless I tried coding and coding. After graduation, I think I can say I was able to keep up with my classmates. (Hi classmates šŸ‘‹! XD.)

šŸ’Œ To the SheCoders,

The world is changing now. There are very few role models for women in tech and that also needs to change. Role models are important to help young girls dream and imagine themselves in certain fields, like IT. Many girls are probably good at coding (remember Margaret Hamilton and Ada Lovelace) but they are afraid of being the only elephant in the room or scared of being judged for their competency as girls. And there is no fun in constantly proving yourselves to others. So let us get out of our shells. All the best and I am rooting for every #shecoder, as a fellow.

šŸ’Œ To the SheCoderAllies,

These allies are one of the reason why women who are in tech have stick to there strengths and did not give up in the face of a tough environment. Thank you. Hiring tech talents without stereotypes is an incredibly good move. I believe you are not missing out on hiring and/or working together with the best people for the work, whether that be a guy or a girl.

šŸ’» Choose to challenge

As a #shecoder,
šŸ“Œ I will work hard everyday to improve my coding skills.
šŸ“Œ I will break into tech.

Lastly, I suddenly remember a phrase I read a long time ago.

IT is a strange field. As long as you have the skills, you are good to go.

And I think that tells us a lot.

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