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How do you get started with Kotlin (not for Android), or init a project?

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I came from Android, so I use gradle.

brew install gradle
mkdir project && cd project
gradle init  # choose application, kotlin and groovy DSL
# Open the project in IntelliJ

But recently, I see that Maven is quite good, and might be more simple, although I don't like the looks of XML (pom.xml) (but can I adapt.)

Also, do you use IntelliJ or VSCode, or something else? I am starting to migrate from IntelliJ to VSCode...

Also, what to you put in .gitignore? Gradle init suggests,

# Ignore Gradle project-specific cache directory

# Ignore Gradle build output directory

But is more complex --

Still, I have to manually add

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I use IDEA's project generator, picking Gradle with Kotlin extensions, if I have no other way to create a project.

I did create a project template using the kickstart tool, which is now stored in my internal git, and allows me to quickly create a project with a gitignore, editorconfigs, and such.


What kind of Kotlin project are you doing?

Diane's tip about using IDEA's project generator is good.

If you are doing Spring Boot, use

If you want to do something else, look whether they have a sample respository, that's usually a fastest way to get started


I usually dislike boilerplate, so I use Javalin. (used to use Spark Java).

Another kind I usually do is a desktop app. I have made some libraries (and uploaded to Maven) as well.

Maybe I should learn boilerplate-esque, like Spring Boot, Django, Nest.js... (Still, I am OK with Nuxt, Vue CLI, but not Quasar)

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