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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

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How does troll (tech) become cute?

BTW, is Qt pronounced as "cute", "cutie" or something else?

How did it earn such a nice naming?

What are other instances of Troll-like naming become later famous? (But maybe not expected to go that far the first place?)

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Alex Lohr

TrollTech was originally located in norway, a scandinavian country with a rich lore in fairy tale creatures like trolls and ice giants. When they founded their company in 1994, internet trolls were basically unheard of. And QT is pronounced "cu-tee", AFAIK.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Thanks, so it makes a cutie troll.

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Montegasppα Cacilhας

Intriguing… I’ve read somewhere it was pronounced like “cute”. 🤔

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I read somewhere that it's actually "cute".

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Dave Cridland

"qt" was the C++ namespace given to the project originally called "Cute", at least according to an old contact of mine who worked there at the time. These days it's ended up named for the namespace as "Cutie".