Linux (or Windows) on MacBook keyboard layout - how do you configure?

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Like, is it possible to map Right Command, to Right Control? So that I can easily ctrl++, ctrl+-, ctrl+0, ctrl+/.

Still, cmd+Left, cmd+Up, cmd+Right, cmd+Down, is still useful.


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In KDE, it's handy to set meta+[c/v] hotkeys in Konsole for Mac-like copy/paste in terminal (instead of the Linux default shift+ctrl+[c/v]). Other than that, I don't really worry about swapping keys, as every "solution" I've found creates new problems. Plus, I like the Windows-style ability to launch my "Start" menu with the meta key (really set to ctrl+F1), the absence of which always annoys me in MacOS.


I fixed it on MATE desktop environment, via this tutorial (which is for GNOME) -- chrisk.io/mapping-command-key-cont...

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I wish I could love Mate, since it forked from what used to be my favorite DE (GNOME 2). Unfortunately, it just has too many eyesores (still to this day, carried over from GNOME 2 with little apparent desire to fix them) and stability issues.


Try out my Kinto.sh project, but undo your own remaps first. Also I love mate but checkout Ubuntu Budgie too.


Now, I am back to Ubuntu Official (GNOME 3, I think). Had to install gnome-tweaks, but otherwise, everything is fine.