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Markdown-friendly template engines, with full power of HTML?

I think it is highly missing, but one of them is Pug. And probably other indentation-based template engines, e.g. HAML.

With proper settings, you can do things like

# Hello World

![Workload of this image is lightened by Markdown renderer](https://img.url/name.png)

      [Again, This link is safen by the Markdown renderer by adding rel's.](

      ## Header of content

      div(style="color: red; text-align: right;")
            ![alt text](image embedded inside web component)
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Sadly, Pug when run directly on the browser is quite large, and you might have to resort to couple of AJAX requests instead, so I created a leaner package.

GitHub logo patarapolw / hyperpug

Lightweight Pug for browser/Electron. With Pug filters' support, which can also contain indented language like markdown.

Seriously, Markdown compatible template engines are missing, or should I rather ask for non-indentation-based alternatives to Markdown?

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