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Social Dilemma, a thoughtful, yet dangerous topic to discuss in general

Social Dilemma is a Netflix movie that discusses inevitable results of social platforms and personalized technologies, as a byproduct of capitalism that created them.

And there is movie's official website.

I feel like the movie is heavily connected to Center for Humane Technology.

Some topics talked about

Some topics talked about are

  • Financial incentives to largest companies' growth
    • I also interpret as direction in biggest Research and Development
  • Recommendation system is extremely polarizing and narcissistic; and result in more confirmation bias
  • Screen time, and navigating away from direct diplomatic discussions
  • Maybe, too capitalistic social platforms are more likely to be affected
    • Lately, I chatted that social media should give more time to discuss hard topics, rather than just Likes.
    • Also, why friend recommendation, without a personal introduction, on Facebook? Maybe it is more beneficial to the capitalistic nature of the company?
  • It works even if you are aware of it

Adolescents are more affected

  • I see mental health as the only part of it
  • Another problem is unknown (and maybe unfavorable) effects on worldview and behavioral development


I feel that we are starting to see more of the other side of utopia.

It is difficult to talk with polarized people, who are unaware, or not really aware. (Yeah, in my situation in my real country.) Also, it may be used to mistrust social media users.

Steering laws might be a way, but honestly I don't believe in more regulated system. (Digital privacy might not be a real solution, yet.)

Also, organization cannot grow without at least marginal profit, and even more profit is required for Research and Development.

Although I know no real solution, I believe that being aware (and getting more people to aware) is already the beginning of the solution.

NB: I also get (very slightly) recommended Qwant search engine. I will see how decent it is compared to Google and DDG.

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