Why Cover Letter Templates Can Help Job Seekers

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A cover letter is a type of business letter that professionals send along with their job applications. Cover letters are statements which employers can read which give them insight into why you feel you are the best fit for the open position, as well as give you an opportunity to present yourself.

Are Cover Letters Necessary?

Attaching cover letters to job applications isn't always necessary. Especially if the employer isn't asking for one. In the job description or job application portal, there should be a mention of the assets which are required to submit your application. This would normally consist of a resume, cover letter, reference letters, letters of recommendation, and more.

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How to Make a Great Cover Letter

If you can, customize your letter to the requirements, skills, and mentions in the job description or job posting. This will be the best way to try to "read through the lines" in terms of what the employer values or feels are imperative to the job function. From there, customize your personal fit for the job.

Additionally, use the templates below to give you an idea of what a great cover letter consists of. It usually contains simple bullet points that support your previous work performance.

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