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Interview Candidates Against CSS Knowledge

Knowing CSS is a critical part of landing any front-end engineering position. Below is my CSS interview question and answer guide. The difficult part about CSS is that while yes, there is a way to ensure you can show an interviewer that you have great experience with CSS. There may still some questions which are a bit more specific to the person asking you the question. CSS does have personal styles to it. Meaning, the way its used is quite flexible at times and because of that, some developers use the various methods of CSS differently. You can’t really prepare for that in your interview though, its just important to recognize that being the case that you can explain to an interviewer that there’s a few different ways that something might be achieved and that you are willing to explain the ways of which the question might be achieved.

1. What is the primary job of CSS?

The primary job of CSS is to provide the HTML elements with their appropriate styles, imagery and overall User Experience. The function of CSS is to make all websites look as the designer intended. Meaning, a custom experience so that all visitors understand they are on a differently branded website. Nearly all websites you visit have CSS controlling their display.

2. How do you include CSS on a website?

You include CSS on a website by using the script tag. The script tag has an href associated to it which is where you link to the CSS file. The type of asset is called a text/css file.

3. What is inline CSS?

Inline CSS is when you are defining a style on an HTML element directly. Meaning, if I have an HTML object, I am putting a style=“” tag within its object brackets and defining my CSS styles within that style tag directly.


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