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Discussion on: My first impressions of Rust

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paulyc • Edited

You have a much clearer understanding and more nuanced intuition for programming languages than practically everyone else I've read pontificating on the subject. So many times I read these kind of things and want to ragepost a very long bulleted list, or subsectioned subparagraphed outline, of all the reasons why they are 100% completely wrong with personal anecdotes (all company and employee names have been changed) of the destruction invariably wrought when people do exactly that thing.

So it's very refreshing to read what someone thinks who clearly has a lot of experience in the trenches fighting fire.. and I more or less agree. Go sacrifices usability for maintainability. Few places i ever worked had much maintainable code (or used Go) so it's very much the unsung hero of successful software companies and the Achilles' Heel of unsuccessful ones.

Rust sacrifices everything at the altar of correctness.... Which is very much a double edged sword when ultimately it's what your software does right and how fast you did it much more than what it does wrong that anyone (i.e., your boss, not as much the other engineers but still them too) cares about in the real world.

And I kid, rust sure doesn't sacrifice a lot of things, it's like a more readable Scala, it does everything reasonably well. But not at the cost of possible errors however minor. All that said, I'd much rather be writing Rust any day of the week, but I'd probably get paid more and have more job security to write Go.

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Deepu K Sasidharan Author

Thanks and yes I agree. There is no silver bullet. Every language has strengths and weaknesses and that is why I'm learning more languages when I can so that I can use the most appropriate one for the usecase in hand.