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Assembly Lines are the next wave of DevOps

Assembly Lines are the next wave of DevOps. Hope you all agree.
You can compare this to a mechanical engineering approach of a car assembly lines which transformed from highly custom cars created manually, to automated parts production with manual assembly, to fully automated assembly lines.

We call this approach “Assembly Lines (AL) for DevOps”.

An Assembly Line approach has the following characteristics:

Connect "Islands of automation" into an end to end workflows that enable toolchain collaboration.

Define workflows as code with a common, declarative specification language that is easy to learn and templatize, and versioned.

Gain end-to-end visibility with rich logistics that support management, insights, and audit capability.

Integrate with technical stacks and application architectures of today and the future with a simple plug-and-play model.

It's time to take your DevOps game to the next level. I want you to know and learn more about the 'DevOps Assembly Lines' approach so here is a free whitepaper to download:

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