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I have created a game with React-Native

It's been a challenge, but I've finally finished my game. "Bulls and Cows" is a fun game, used a lot in math and science for teaching algorithms. The rules are simple:

  • The AI thinks of a number, while the player tries to guess it.
  • The number to be guessed must be a 4 digit number, using digits from 0 to 9, each digit at most once. e.g. 1234 is valid, but 1233 is not valid.
  • For every guess that the player makes, he gets 2 values - the number of bulls and the number of cows. 1 bull means the guess contains and the target number have 1 digit in common, and in the correct position. 1 cow means the guess and the target have 1 digit in common, but not in correct position. e.g. Let the target be 1234. Guessing 4321 will give 0 bulls and 4 cows. 3241 will give 1 bull and 3 cows. 4 bulls means you have won the game!

I've spiced it up with bright colors and animations.

Alt Text

Alt Text


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