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REPLisp: Another New Language!?

pavi2410 profile image Pavitra Golchha Updated on ・1 min read

Hello 👋, I made a programming language called 'REPLisp'. It is Lisp-like interpreted language, written in 100% pure JavaScript by my little fingers 🖖. I made it to just learn more about languages and how do they work.

I started work on this after I encountered this project on Glitch. After going through everything over there, I felt "making a programming language is so easy!!!", and eventually, made the first version almost in a day! I, gradually, learnt a lot about the basics of compilers and languages.

It is currently incomplete but is in active development. I'd love if you help me in completing this project.

Try it now with @replit :

Source code on @github:

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