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Developer Diary #1 - An Introduction

Hello and welcome!

This is my developer diary, a section of my life (and the purpose of this account) to share what I did this week in code.

My intention with this is to share all my creative process and decisions on a personal project(s) hoping that someone finds it useful and to boost my motivation for continuous development.

I'm gonna try to share any kind of photos or planning phases and fully explain them in case someone finds them interesting, worst case scenario gonna remade them in Photoshop or any other type of software. But why so eager to share that? I believe that the first phase, the planning phase, is the most important in any type of job, not only in design and development and also, I find it easier to see what I'm coding.

Other thing, one very important, that I'm going to share is code segments that I find too complex or interesting or weird or... well you name it, you never know if that is going to be the answer in a future interview question of a show aired on TV that you are going to participate.

My vision or objective with these posts is to find balance between my studies and my projects, also, this is not only me sharing knowledge, I want to find feedback between you and me and between you and the comments.I believe that it is impossible to develop something without a second opinion, in other words, it is (for me) impossible develop alone, that's why we have pages like stackoverflow. And (more as a secondary objective) is to perfect my English skills and writing skills in general.

Hope you find these useful!

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