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1. Introduction to ReactJS and Why we should use it

First of all thanks everyone for showing your support and subscribing to the series. I appreciate you all.

If in case you haven't read the previous post, I encourage you to read it. I'll be very helpful for you.

Let's get started.

What is React?

Definition on ReactJS official site:

A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

What is a Library?

A JavaScript Library is a collection of pre-written JavaScript code which you can use to develop JavaScript based applications faster with scalable and maintainble code.

Whenever we install an npm package what do they contains?
They contains these pre-written JavaScript Code.

The Typical Structure of any npm package includes:

  • Number of Pre-Written JavaScript files (which together make the package or a library).
  • A package.json file (in order to incorporate other npm packages as dependancies in order to work smoothly).
  • File
  • And a LICENSE file

What is User Interfaces?

  • A User Interface is the point at which human users interact with a website or application.

So in the simplest way:

React is can be defined as:

A collection of files with pre-written JavaScript Code which forms a Library Called ReactJS which we can use to build interactive User Interfaces.

Why do need React? What are the benefits of using it?

Here are some of its benefits:

  • It's Flexible which means you can use it on a vast variety of platforms to build interactive and beautiful user interfaces. You can use React to build WebApps, Mobile Apps (using React Native), Static Sites using (Gatsby)and Do Server Side Rendering using Next.js

as they says

"Learn React Once and Write Everywhere" -

  • It's Fast and Scalabe which means you can do more with less efforts.

  • It's modular which means you gonna have a nice developer experience while writing the code in React.

  • Huge Community which means 100s of thousands of heads to answer your query (In most cases the problems you came across has been already faced and solved by someone on the internet).

So this was the introduction of ReactJS and why we should use it. We'll be diving much deeper into React in the coming blogposts.

Useful Tips:

  • Visualize what you read. In order make concepts clear and to make sure you never forget them you have transfer the information into your subconscious brain and one way of doing it is visualizing the things what you read.
  • When I say ReactJS is a library formed by a collection of files having JavaScript Code in it, visualize it as a bunch of files in a library which only has JavaScript Code in it and nothing else and all of them are working together with just one goal i.e. to build interactive User Interfaces for all the platforms. I know this may sound silly to you at this time but the long term effect of this is that you'll never gonna forget what is a JavaScript library or any library in general.
  • With time to time I'll be giving you these tips in order to make sure you never forget the concepts.
  • Don't worry we'll be using scientifically proven methods only to make learning more productive and enjoying without getting overwhelmed by the content.


In order to get notified for the new post in the series follow me on Twitter @pawelsb. I'll be sharing more useful resources about ReactJS as well as other resources which will help you become more productive, knowledgeable and an overall better developer.


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