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A small concrete implementation repository for data structure

Hey everyone ! πŸ‘‹

Some weeks ago, I was wondering what data structure to use in one of my projects. It happens that I found it very harsh to look for each structure, one by one, then on each of the associated complexity (most of the time not even on the same page).

That's why I decided to do a small repository to gather various implementations of each data structure in several languages. Of course, coming along with it, a small readme to have an overview of the data structure and the complexity of its operations.

So far I didn't had enough time to work on it but I managed to provide some small samples and it would be awesome if you could help me to keep the code base growing ! It would provide a great extra small documentation or even extra small examples for beginners.

Speaking of which, this project could be perfect for beginners too, if you're new to GitHub or opensource, go for it, everybody can get in !

Happy coding!

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