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Dimitrios Desyllas
Dimitrios Desyllas

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How I can allow user's browser to actually leave page once beforeunload event is fired?

As I ask upon stackoverflow:

I want once user confirms that wantr to leave a page to actually leave. The code so far is:

                    window.beforeunload = function(e){
                        var confirmAction = confirm("Wanna leave? This will BREAK the page.");
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But I do not know how I can allow user to leave once user accepts. Do you have any idea why?

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Nico Zerpa (he/him)

The beforeunload event is quite special due to security reasons. You can't launch a confirm inside this event, but there's a way to prompt the user if they want to leave, this is the code:

window.onbeforeunload = function(event) {
  event.returnValue = '';
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This will make the browser ask the user if they really want to leave the page, and will unload the page if the user says Yes.