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Zohar Peled
Zohar Peled

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Do you ever feel like you're stuck with the wrong technology?

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Zohar Peled

I was working with Winforms for way too long. Left the world of web dev back when JQuery was a new thing - don't know if I'll ever go back. Sometimes it seems that all the cool kids are doing web - and I'm no longer a kid, so...

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Ben Sinclair

I work with PHP.

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Eric Horodyski

My feeling is this - you can be stuck with an unpopular technology, but it's about problem solving not the language.

However, it's wise to re-eveluate your employer if you don't plan on being a lifer there and your stuck with tech that is phasing out. Like if you're working solely with Flash. A buddy of mine has to use a proprietary language at her job...I don't find that marketable but she's made there.

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Herb Wolfe

Yes, daily. I work with Visual Foxpro.

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