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I've been a developer for 20 years and just started writing a blog, Ask Me Anything!

Zohar Peled on September 27, 2019

I'm currently working mainly on windows/webapi services with c#, SQL Server, MongoDb and Json. (just started with .Net core 2-3 months ago). I've ... [Read Full]
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I would love to hear about mistakes you made during your career or "oops"-moments you have been through and what some of your biggest learnings have been (can be both technical and non-technical). Thanks for starting this conversation!


That's going to be a post that will take a long time to write... But it's a great idea. Just have to write it in a way that wouldn't make me look like a total idiot ;-)


What did you think of Mongo when it first came out, and how have your thoughts changed?


I was probably unaware of Mongo when it first came out. I've only been working with it's 3.x version (I wanna say 3.6 but I'm on my phone and can't remember for sure). I still like SQL more, but then again, I've only been working with Mongo less than a year, so it's too early to say.


To expand on that, what is your use-case for it side-by-side with MSSQL?

We use it mostly to store raw data we get from our suppliers. We use Sql server for everything else.


Are you planning on going purely technical with your blog (e.g. offering how-to's, comparing technologies, etc.) or do you plan on writing posts that are about life as a dev (e.g. what it's like working remote, how you get motivated to work on side projects, etc.)... perhaps it's a mix! Just wondering what direction you're thinking, and also figured throwing out these ideas might help! 😀


I've already wrote a few posts, none of them is purely technical. I like telling stories, I guesss...


You may want to cover some of the core concepts from SQL. I have seen tremendous people working on SQL not just developers but even Business Analysts and some Marketing teams. Those are the kind of people who need help running different kinds of queries. You might be interested in writing the use case based queries.


Blogging about core concepts seems to me too much like writing a tutorial - not so sure a blog is a good platform for that. I'll be happy to write about specific queries for specific use cases, though.


Do you make plans of stuff to study or just go researching and coding personal projects ? I ask because sometimes I try to learn too much at the same time and end up without mastering anything.


Actually, I learn what I have to because my job requires it. I rarely learn new technologies or languages just because I find them interesting - but when I do have to learn new things I try to learn a little more than I have to, just to be sure I've got a good understanding of what I'm doing.


How did you communicate with fellow programmers when you were first starting out 20 years ago?


Mostly using forums in Hebrew (which is my native language). Needless to say my English is way better now than what it was 20 years ago.


What's your take on dabatase-side logic in the form of store procedures? I've seen projects relying on SP to do almost all business logic, and they end up with really huge and unmaintainable SPs.


I would say that some things are better handled in code, but some are better handled in stored procedures. Any data integrity issue, for instance


Don't get into this line of work unless you're willing and able to never stop learning new things.


Do you ever think you should have done something differently when you were at the beginning of your career?

If yes, what it is?


I don't believe in regrets. First, because you can't really change the past, and second, Do you know what the butterfly effect is? I have no idea what would be the concequences of changing my early career choices... My life is not perfect but I have too much to risk even if I could change the past, and I'm not talking about my career here - so no, I don't think I would want to do anything different, not even the choices that caused me pain.


In your opinion, does ageism in tech actually exist? What has been your experience with it (personally or second hand)?


I think it does, but that's really just an opinion. No one ever tells you they wont hire you because you're too old (and I'm not that old - 43 is not old).

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