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Retrospective Rage Box and other Agile tricks

Managing software development is hard. Dah!

God save me, I'm not going to go into this topic, but I'm sure that everywhere in the world teams are struggling to figure out THA WAY to do it. Methodologies like Kanban, Scrum and Agile are implemented differently in every group, iterating over and over, changing things here and there to find the best way of working.

Let's have a daily meeting. Let's not have a daily meeting. Lets have a Kanban board but with extra fields. Let's have a task grooming but in the garden with elephants. Whatever.

Agile is the buzzword of the decade. One particular thing that my team took from there was this retrospective meeting where the team can basically talk about the big picture, in terms of 'harmful' and 'beneficial' events.

But this was boring so we added a twist.

Meet the Rage Box

So we have a board where we collect harmful events as deltas and beneficial ones that could be improved. But a lot of times there are things that realistically can't be improved, and simply just cause frustration!

The Rage Box was created for this purpose, so every time you want to let the steam out between colleagues about some nuisance, you put that item in the rage box, and maybe moan about it a little.

How did you shake up your Way of Working?

I wonder how did you guys change your way of working or any of these methodologies like Kanban, Scrum and Agile to meet the needs of your team?

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