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Discussion on: My SCSS setup within a Vue CLI 3 project

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Emmanuel Raymond • Edited on

Hey Allan and Lynne, Sorry, kinda lost here :) Can you explain what you did to solve this? Especially with the import.scss file

Although, I think maybe importing the global.scss file in App.vue might also be a good solution?

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Lynne Finnigan Author

Hi Emmanuel, the import.scss file should just have things like variables and mixins that the other files will need access to. If you don't use the plugin to serve the variables etc, you can't access them and use them within other components.

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Emmanuel Raymond

So basically, from your example. Everything imported in the global.scss file is available to use in all the components?

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Awesome post Lynne. This helped me clean up way too many double imports.

Emmanuel, I was a little confused too.

For the stylesheet that you call into vue.config.js only import mixins and variables (no style selectors/rules).

Call other global.scss (declared rules and stuff) elsewhere, like main.js or a parent app like App.vue.

Any style rules imported to a stylesheet through vue.config.js will import again for each component that uses it.