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Nevertheless, Simone Coded. Part 2

Front-end developer wanting to make pretty things online. Currently dealing with Magento2 fulltime. Also I love #EC5800 (she/her)
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I cannot believe it’s already been a year since I wrote my first “Nevertheless, she coded" which was also my fist contribution here.

This year, for my part 2, I chose to write a bit on where I am and where I (think) I'm going. I say this carefully because the last two years getting into coding have been quite a maze and a rollercoaster combined, learning wise. Surprising me along the way, the people at meetups, the community, what I have learned so far and where I am now.

This year, I wanted to pave the learning road for myself a bit better, make a plan or at least choose a direction. On NYE I gave myself the goal to learn JavaScript in 2020 and along the way when I have more insight, I will decide on what JavaScript framework I want to learn for my website. React? Angular? Vue? Gatsby? There are so many routes to take, but first I am working on my basic knowledge. I want a good solid base of JavaScript.

Starting this route, I got me Kyle Simpsons YDNJS books and Wes Bos’ beginner JS course. Both I am enjoying very much. What helps is that I made the decision to take my own time and do this my way. But I also needed a date to work towards. I applied for the Amsterdam JS Nation conference's diversity scholarship, being held from the 3d of June till the 5th of June. Super excited about this, because last week I got the e-mail that I got it! So that will be the date I work towards to learn as much as I can!

I don’t know if I am allowed to share this, but if you also want to apply:

Let me know if you are also going, maybe I'll see you there?

Tomorrow is my birthday. I know it's a coincidence that it's the day after international women's day (or is it?) I feel sort of honored that my birthday is so close to this day, overthought that might not make sense.
The last couple of years, (maybe also because I chose this line of work?) I became more aware of the need for this day, and what we are still fighting for or where we are going. That is why I wanted to participate again this year and share my story.

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Katie Nelson

Hey Simone, enjoyed your post.
Happy Birthday!!

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Simone Author

Thank you! :)