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JS frameworks!

As web developer that works on large application that we are building on top mean stack,
it will be boring to make my project on express and angularJS

For backend stuff we use express and for front end we used angularjs to make magic happen.

I dont have any expirince with most of this framework, all information is from community, Collected
in one place, to help you find perfect framework for your next project.

NOTE: I started writing this article in 2017, and if some stuff is not correct,
I'm sorry...

After reading a lot of articles about various frameworks/libraries list looks like this:


  1. Angular(maintained by mighty Google)
  2. React(maintained by Facebook)
  3. Vue
  4. Ember
  5. Meteor


  1. express
  2. koa
  3. TotalJS
  4. Meteor

Something about all of these frameworks:


Angular is completely new front end framework made on TypeScript.
Angular is maintained by Google, and does not have anything in common with his younger brother AngularJS except name.


 1.Classes liker php, c#, c++....
 2.Components and the way its organized
 5.There are a loot of tools that can help you build your apps quickly and easily,
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 1.Type script
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The most popular framework today is made and maintaind by Facebook.
React is javaScript library that helps you build your front end part of the website. With small minifed file size,
your page will load superfast and be responsive is short amounts of time. Good for new javascrpit developers


  1. Easies to understand, and thats the reason for popularity
  2. custom tags(simular like in angualar)


1.I realy dont know any bad thing, let me know in comments and I will update it. 
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Vue is front end framework similar to React and Angular. Vue is like React and AngularJS(angular 1)
got married and get child, and that child is vue, which is not so bad consider that one of parent is facebook's product.Performance is similar to react(vue pulls ahead because DOM loading time, but just a little bit)


 1. CLI project generator(template, webpack)
 2. official support for routing package 
 3. template(custom tags, elements, attributes and more)
 4. easy to odrzavanje
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 1. template(written in js)
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I know this article looks like it was put together fast, some stiff is out of order...
My initial plan with was to make article that was about best js framework in 2017, but stuff and life happen, some time passed away and I forgot about it. I hope this helped and if you are interested in reading some articles about some frameworks from list. I read most of them and they are supper awesome.

I just want to thanks all amazing creators and writers who wrote these articles:

Links to commity and review:

Thank you all for reading and have nice day :)

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