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It's definitely on the roadmap! We have a dedicated #hiring tag (which is effectively in beta right now) where members can post job opportunities at their company. In the coming months, we'll be improving the experience for both job-providers and job-seekers.

Job-seekers will be able to search the listings and filter their results. They'll see more of the most relevant information (location, salary range, listing age, etc) at a glance.

Job-providers will have an easier time posting their listings, and tracking their success.

I think that hiring tools represent a key area where we can generate revenue while also delivering meaningful value for all parties involved. It's important to us that everything be organized such that you can easily ignore that wing of the platform if it's not relevant to you at that moment in time.


Brilliant Idea. I probably would be willing to pay some small money to get access to such information even if it is for analysis purposes.

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