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re: Gracie, welcome. Could you elaborate on the role of content managers on I'm curious because duplicate contents and astroturfing has reall...

Hey Sebastien, I'm one of the DEV co-founders and figured I'd pop in as I have a bit more of the historical context here.

The first thing to understand is that DEV is an open platform and we don't have direct editorial input into what individual members decide to publish. That said, we do our best to address low-quality content that violates the Content Policy outlined in our Terms of Service (#11).

Michael (@michaeltharrington ) is our Community Manager, and he moderates that posts on the platform along with plenty of support from a growing group of amazing community moderators. When you see problematic content, you can help us out by emailing

Gracie's addition to the team will help us continue improving in this regard. She'll be the person primarily managing our content distribution efforts, which plays an important role in highlighting the best posts that are being shared on DEV.

It's an ongoing and evolving effort to curtail low-quality content, highlight the best posts, all while keeping the platform open and welcoming to new and established authors alike. Please feel free to message me via DEV Connect if you'd like to continue sharing your ideas on this topic!

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