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At last week, our Azure cloud manager complained about the high cost of cloud services.

I'm just confused about why we take high costs on these cloud services.

I try to use the Azure price calculator to calculate the price we use at last week.

I also got amazing situations. The price calculation reports are as follows:

service name Azure Web App Azure MySQL database Azure container registry Azure VM1 Azure VM2 Azure VM2
price per week (USD) $2.47 $9.54 $0.93 $17.44 $7.35 $22.28

As we can look at this price table, the Azure VM costs are very high.

I ask myself: Why our developers create many Azure virtual machines in Azure cloud?

Are the existing Azure cloud services good enough to use?

Finally, I figure out why they only create Azure virtual machines.

The reason is about they don't know what the cloud service is and what the cloud service architecture is.

Most of our web services and applications are for annual projects.

The project development cycles are not long term and they will be done after two or three years. And they're going to be maintained mode.

I only use the Azure web application, and one Azure virtual machine so that my cost in Azure cloud platform is low. But others don't.

We don't have to deploy these web-based services on different Azure VMs and we can consider using Azure web application to deploy a web-base applications/services as a SaaS easily(software as a service).

And it will be comfortable for integrating other software development processes. Such as CI, CD and DevOps.

And we can only use the same databases for different Azure web applications. The architecture image is as follows:

Alt Text

To reduce the costs of Azure cloud platform, I think it's time to hold a internal training about Azure cloud platform.

I think it should include following sections for every developer in our department.

  • The overview of cloud computing architecture.
  • Case studies of other companies and present how to use the cloud platform.
  • My goals are about this long term of internal training session/workshop.
  • The guidelines of Azure web application and how to use/deploy a Azure web application.
  • How to use, build and run Docker image and container?
  • Any other useful Azure cloud services introductions.

When I mention this internal training proposals to department manager, he's very happy and appreciate my help about let other developers have the chance to learn and how to use Azure cloud service correctly.

I'm not sure that developers will be familiar with these services after finishing my training session.

Anyway, I think it's better than nothing.


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