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Discussion on: What are favorite features of MongoDB?

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Peter Jachim

I found a use case to replace a Postgres database of open data sources I was maintaining for my job. The data was being pulled from a few sources into Mongo, but it took a lot of time to process and create tables and load the data where I wanted it. I switched to mongo, mostly using the PyMongo API. It took me an afternoon to watch some videos get it installed, and rewrite a half dozen pipelines to load the data into MongoDB.

I loved that I was able to learn enough to get what I needed out of it in a few hours, and haven’t needed to go back into it since. I am also able to add new data sources faster than I used to, so I am way more productive.

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Forest Hoffman Author

That's great Peter! Finding a more efficient solution always feels amazing.

The lower barrier to entry is also very nice.