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How do I learn Python in depth?

learn python

There's no shortcut, read lots of code then write lots of code.

1. Start and learn the basics

First start by installing Python. Choose Python 3.x, setup your coding environment, configure the Python path etc.

To get started, there are some online tutorials that can assist you:

2. Master libraries

Libraries or modules are building blocks that help you create your app. There are thousands of modules, so which one do you need for your app?

It depends on what you want to make. For web apps, it's popular to use Django or Flask. For Machine Learn, tensorflow and sklearn are popular modules. For desktop software, you can use wxwidgets, pyqt, tkinter or other modules.

3. Study courses

Courses can help to boost your knowledge. There are many courses out there, that will give you a kick start in developing software applications. Instead of struggling through the documentation, why not follow short video tutorials that explain clearly?

4. Work on projects

Once you mastered the basics and can use modules, it's time to make your own apps!

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Any recommended websites to take python challenges, so that beginners can validate their code against the experienced ones?

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